Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 26

Only one picture today. It was pretty dark, so my flash wasn't cooperating.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 25

I had lunch with a friend today. Took her out to see the house.

front view

view from dining room, looking into living room over the kitchen island

from living looking into kitchen/dining

from front bedroom looking out door to stairs, to the right of the door is the closet

peering down the street, out the window of the front room

the tub in the girls' bathroom

master bedroom

standing in the side alley off the backyard. The house next door will be in our yard due to the zero property-line. It'll make more sense once the fence goes up.
back of house

I stopped by the office to ask when they'll be correcting our bathtub situation. It's on her list. She also let us know they'll be painting the exterior soon, and adding our archways inside. Took my friend in the model homes. Looked at the home options to refresh my memory. Our house will be painted a grey-ish color with cream accents, a forest green front door and stones in shades of dark brown.

I edited this picture (poorly) to give myself a visual aid for what the exterior might look like. I hope their craftmanship is much better than mine...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 23: a Roof

May 27 edit to blog dated May 26: I just loaded new pictures to the computer and found pictures of the front of the house from yesterday. Apparently he did not forget to get shots of the front of the house, my camera- which has begun a slow decent into being obsolete- filed the pictures in a weird location. My apologies. Here they are:

----------original post----------

(Click on the pictures for a better view.) This first shot is from the right side of the backyard.

My husband was in the area for a job interview today ( he got it, by the way.) Of course he took the camera with him! We've got a roof! The inside is still pretty empty, but there are bathtubs. Unfortunately they installed one in our bathroom- it's supposed to have a big stand up shower. He told the office about it. I'll be out there tomorrow (lunch with a friend) so I can check on it... and take more pictures, of course! He forgot to get one from the front of the house.

back of house

entryway with some ladders, looking towards back of house

standing behind the island in the kitchen, looking at the "tv" wall in the living room

kitchen. the hole in the wall is the vent for our oven

standing in the staircase, looking at the second floor

Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 19: so ex-SIDING!

My husband was out that way today- so of course he swung by with the camera- caught 'em in action, putting up wall stuff, installing windows, and attaching siding!

view from across the street

view from side alley

from right side of backyard

from left side of backyard

standing in the front hall, looking into the kitchen/dining

from edge of kitchen, over the island, towards the pantry

from the kitchen, looking into the living room

standing on the landing of the stairs, looking over half-wall

master bedroom

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 17

Skeleton House!

Has two stories and a roof and walls...view from front side walk

my husband, standing behind the island, in front of the pantry

now he's on the other side of the island, in the living room

I'm in the front room, he's standing at the top of the stairs.

View out the side window.

master bedroom

the sky, as seen from the hallway under the attic access

standing in the side alley

and from the backyard. Notice the pile of siding just waiting to be installed...

(Click on pictures to view larger.)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Day15: We've been Framed!

Good Grief! I was out there yesterday and it was just a slab! And today, POOF!, there's a frame!
We got an e-mail today from our sales lady, saying they had started the framework. So we drove out to take a peek and, by golly, there it was! We expected to see a loose image of a house, maybe the sticks for the exterior walls- but there are rooms and stairs and two stories!
(Once again, you can click on the photos to enlarge them.)

view from the front sidewalk

step in the front door and turn right= stairs! (presently they lead nowhere)

crummy shot from the living room corner- my husband's standing in the foyer, by the stairs

standing in the dining room corner, facing the living/foyer. The pvc pipe in the middle of the room is for the sink in the island between the kitchen and living room.

view from stairwell. My camera's display screen is going out- I was trying to get a shot of the second floor. The doorway in the lower right corner is the closet under the stairs. You can see the field through the back wall. That's the view our side window will have. There's a large white historic looking mansion over there.

standing in the side alley, looking at the house. You can see the opening upstairs for the side window that faces the field. You can also see the two houses going up next door. The one right next to us has a sold sign...neighbors! Hooray!

This is from the back of the backyard. Lots of lumber... The downstairs window on the left is the living room. The dining room window is covered by the plywood.

When we pulled up tonight there were children running around the street with scooters. My kids got out to play and meet some new friends. This is the view from across the street.

It was a bit too dark to keep taking pictures, but this is a shot from the entrance to our street. We'll live on the end at the entrance to the alley.

We are very impressed with the progress they've made on our home. The saleswoman gave a 90 day start-to-finish estimate, but told us her builder quotes 60- shockingly, our super friendly neighbor Charlie said his house was completed in just 45! We're looking at a late June move in! I'm amazed.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 14: Slab-tastic!

the lovely pasture

Check this off the list: This past Friday they poured our foundation. So now The Winkler is a big slab of concrete with pvc pipes jutting into the sky, and metal rods protruding out the sides!Looking at the front porch from the sidewalk. The cross walk is right in front of the house.

Standing on the corner.

side view- I was standing in the side alley.

the edge of the backyard, looking towards the house.

view from the front, between our house and the neighbor's. We don't have gutters so I've been trying to determine how they keep the rain from washing away the foundation. The yard seems to slope at the property line. It rained yesterday and you can see where the water has pooled near the curb. Between all the houses there are rows of river rocks, which I assume are there to divert water to the street gutters.

At one side of the neighborhood there's a flood water run-off. It looks sort of like an low-level pond with plastic pipes poking out . All the rain water in the neighborhood flows down to it to prevent flooding. The grassy area surrounding the run-off will remain undeveloped. It meets up with the cow pasture. The entrance to the neighborhood is to the left of the picture. The black arrow points to our street.

The next step? putting up the frame!

(Like always, you can click on the pictures to see them full size.)